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Related post: Date: Thu, russian hardcore galleries 13 Mar 2008 21:18:02 -0700 (PDT) From: Subject: Pee Wee (Chapter 23)Disclaimer:All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted by any means, except for reviews, without the written permission of the author. You must be a minimum of 18 years of age (or 21 years of age in some jurisdictions) to read this story. If you do russian torture technique not agree to any of these terms and conditions, or if you live in a location where such content may not be legal for you free russian ped girls to read, please read no further, but rather exercise your right to select an alternate form of entertainment elsewhere.This story contains homoerotic subject matter and episodes of social aggression often bbw russian thumbs called "bullying". The author does not endorse this kind of behavior. While inspired by real world events, remember that THIS IS A WORK russian kids fucking porn OF FICTION, and the author insists that you do not attempt to re-reenact or recreate any event or activity described in the text of this or other chapters. The story has been written for entertainment purposes for adults only, and hopefully to make a point about the problem of bullying in russian roulette toy gun our schools. Please remember that ordinary human decency as well as maturity requires good judgment, safe sex, and the ability to distinguish between fantasies expressed in literary fiction and russian newscasters naked reality. Your actions may have consequences for others. It is your own responsibility to adhere to these terms.Juvenile sexual aggression has been a problem of growing concern in American society over the past decade. Currently it is estimated that juveniles account for up to one-fifth of the rapes, and one-half of the cases of child molestation committed in the United States each year. The majority of cases of russian kids nude pictures juvenile sexual aggression appear to involve adolescent male perpetrators. Many adolescent sex offenders grow up in abusive families top 100 voyeur russian where alcoholism, substance abuse, and inter-parental violence are commonplace. One study found that 60% of abusers had been physically abused, 50% had been sexually abused, and 70% had experienced neglect in childhood. Over 50% of the adolescents had experienced a combination of these forms of abuse.Thanks to all who contacted me. I have heard from many of you so russian nacked boys gallery russian sexe girls porno far. It is great to hear from you, and to hear your suggestions. Comments on the story are appreciated and may be addressed to the author at: 23: TRIAL & ERROR Texas Regional NewsnetCASTRATED RAPIST GETS HOUSE ARREST Junior High Offenders Get Probation In PleaAlbert Martinez, movies sexe russian 17, a senior at Santa Rosa High School in Santa Rosa, Texas with no prior history of arrest nud art russian girls was sentenced yesterday to two years of house arrest and eight russian beauty tgp more years of probation by a sympathetic jury. Martinez made national headlines weeks earlier when the victim he was in the process of sexually assaulting sexually maimed him by nearly biting off his penis.Principal nudist russian pics witnesses, whose russian nude chat testimony resulted in the jury's guilty verdict, included a group of junior-high students, also charged with rape, who received only two years of probation in plea agreement subsequent to successfully russian kidsporn completion of wooden russian horse sex offender treatment at a juvenile mental health facility.Outside of the courthouse protesters took to the streets of Brownsville, Texas in support of the Hispanic teen charged in the sexual assault of a white classmate.It all started an incident of hazing gone awry at Santa Rosa High School when Llewellyn, the target of a group hazing, directed a series of racist statements at Victor Fuentes. A fight ensued, and Llewellyn was taken to the hospital and released several hours later. Two of the three students principally involved, russian sex picturs namely Fuentes, and Randy Waters, the nephew russian girls and naked of Superintendent Roy Waters, were suspended, and forced to cease participation in high school athletic programs. Llewellyn received community service, but no suspension, though it was perceived that his racial statements provoked the incident.On March 19, 1994, russian escorts during the act of forcing Peter "Pee Wee" Llewellyn to perform oral sex Martinez nude russians free pics was savagely bitten almost severing his penis in two places. The Santa Rosa Herald quoted officers on the scene as stating that Martinez entered the gym where a group of junior high students were involved in hazing Llewellyn, a high school student.THE SPECTRE OF RACISMMartinez reported russians blowjob that Llewellyn, previously subjected to an attack subsequent to making racist remarks, again directed ethnic slurs at Martinez, a Hispanic student. Statements by witnesses varied as to what, if any, ethnic slurs russian nationalist art may have big russian titties been made by Llewellyn.Llewellyn was reported to have been in a state of shock, having been hazed and raped by the junior high russian nude escorts students prior to Martinez russian girls nudists arrival. They "taunted him about his micropenis" and then "took turns raping him in the locker room," it was further reported. Llewellyn was performing court ordered nubile russian gallery community service carrying out janitorial duties at the time of his attack. He had been left unsupervised in the gymnasium on the Junior High campus.Jimmy Jakes, former janitor russian paysite porn privat russian at the laika the russian dog school, assigned to oversee his community service work, found russian sex holidays Llewellyn not long after the attack. His younger brother, who is asian and russian porn among the Junior High School students charged with sexual assault, drove Martinez to St. David Hospital in Harlingen, Texas. Martinez had lost an enormous amount of blood and was also in russian legal 16yo joung a state of shock when he was rushed to the hospital.CONSPIRACY THEORYLlewellyn claimed that Martinez attack free russian nude schoolgirls against him gallery hymen russian was committed out of revenge. Other high school students nude russian blonde pics were named russian mautre sex in a conspiracy allegedly arranged by Randy free russian xxx preview Waters. Yet if it were, it was not established during the course of the subsequent trial. Llewellyn suggested that he had been subjected to ongoing fuck russian tgp hazing at the hands of Waters, who was subsequently suspended, including a russian dad gay temporary prohibition from participating in the school athletics program. Llewellyn stated that Waters had then ordered teammates to assault his genitals in retaliation for russian lesbian singers his re suspension from the baseball team.Llewellyn said that Martinez acted on Waters' orders. However, the claims have remained unsubstantiated. Interestingly, neither Waters nor Victor Fuentes, previously accused by Llewellyn of assault were arrested, even though Fuentes later xxx russian girls confessed to a state police officer.Martinez initially flatly cum in russian girl denied being a part of any conspiracy to assault Llewellyn, russian bss girl com either emotionally or physically. Later during cross-examination he changed his testimony, stating that he assaulted Llewellyn under pressure from Randy Waters, who was present outside the gymnasium at the time of Llewellyn's assault. However, during further testimony, his story often conflicted with known facts. No other witnesses corroborated Water's presence. This severely weakened the prosecution's case.SEXUAL ASSAULTAccording to witnesses in the gymnasium, street girl russian Martinez savagely kicked Llewellyn repeatedly in the testicles, requiring Llewellyn to undergo reconstructive surgery to salvage his ruptured testicles.After kicking Llewellyn in the testicles, Martinez subsequently attempted to force russian whores free pics Llewellyn to perform russian incest mom son oral sex and was bitten by Llewellyn. Martinez was then driven to St. David's Medical Center's emergency room. Hospital staff said Martinez was still conscious and able to walk upon arrival, although he was "shaking naked russian women and in shock." Surgeons operated on Martinez for more than thumbs russian free 9 hours to reattach his penis. Attempts to reattach Martinez russian boy photos penis were complicated by an infection after being surgically reattached resulting in necrosis and loss of three-quarters russian cherry porn of his penile shaft.Francis Llewellyn, the mother of Peter Llewellyn, later filed suit in a Cameron County federal court against Santa Rosa High School for neglect and failure to protect her son from a series of bullying events. The case was settled out of court.After Martinez physically recovered from his injuries he finally attended his rape trial. Witnesses in the gymnasium positively identified him as Llewellyn's attacker. The victim's testimony, corroborated by russian transexual escorts witness statements, was russian kinder enough for the otherwise sympathetic jury who later found Martinez guilty of rape and sentenced him to two russian kids tgp years of house arrest and eight more years of probation.Llewellyn was traumatized russian girl naked by the experience. Surgeons russian mom free gallery illegal russian boys at St. David's completed repairs to Llewellyn's testicles, both of which had suffered testicular rupture. The procedure was an astounding success given the severity of his injuries and doctors believed that mature russian slut he would regain full functioning after recovery. russian girls naked Even though they were optimistic about Llewellyn's physical condition, they realized that the emotional damage would nudist petite russian likely last much longer.Martinez was russian nude art pics charged with first-degree sexual assault. Llewellyn was taken into custody russian nude 14yo after recovery and charged with "malicious wounding".The incident gained media attention from around the state. A Newsweek russian angels pictures poll revealed that an astounding 60% of newspapers in the state of Texas ran stories about the case.THE TRIALDuring a week and half of testimony, the courtroom listened as Peter Llewellyn unfolded a tale of hazing, sexual assault, and bullying at the hands of other Santa Rosa students. During his testimony, he tearfully described his life at the hands of high school bullies at Santa Rosa High School. While on the stand, Llewellyn testified that Martinez russian cum whores acted as a part of a team effort by the Santa Rosa baseball team to retaliate against him because of his role in the suspension of two team captains. He reluctantly described incidents of frequently abuse, being bullied on the school bus, stripped, and forced to engage russian sex boys in oral sex. Later he described being physically assaulted by members of the baseball team who kicked or punched him repeatedly in the groin.Witnesses for the prosecution painted a very different picture of events at Santa Rosa High School. Llewellyn was described as russian sex portals a sexual predator, a hyperactive homosexual youth, whose russian links porn seductive behavior, including fashioning a "glory hole" in the boys restroom, provoked the ire of more mainstream heterosexual russian milfs students, students with no prior records of misconduct.Several incidents during the trial drew media attention. When asked by Jorge Lopez, Martinez's attorney, how he had gained the nickname "Pee Wee", Llewellyn russian lady pussy broke down on the stand, then later grudgingly admitted that this was due to his small penis size. russians sex Laughter and derisive comments from high school students attending the trial resulted in Judge Anderson ordering that the courtroom be cleared.Other witnesses provided supporting testimony, saying that they had seen Martinez, Waters, Fuentes and other students taunt Llewellyn about nude russian camp his exceptionally small penis size at school. His family reported seeing the results of Llewellyn's small russian girls abuse, such as bruises and cuts on his body. Even Martinez's friends said that he often bragged about how he intended to "scramble Pee Wee's eggs." The defense suggested it was only a matter of time before Llewellyn snapped. At the time naked russian amateur he assaulted Martinez he was being orally sodomized, psychologists claimed that he was suffering from clinical depression and russian angel sex pic possibly posttraumatic stress disorder.THE russian escort sex pics JUDGEMENTThe jury found Llewellyn to be somewhat more credible. After seven hours of deliberation, the jury found Llewelyn "not guilty" due to temporary insanity. The judge ordered Llewellyn to undergo a pravda russian 1912 45-day evaluation period at a psychiatric hospital in Austin, Texas specializing in the treatment of Sexually Reactive russian vs american culture Youth, after which he would be released. Francis Llewellyn stated that she was grateful for the verdict and thanked the judge and members of the jury for recognizing her son's mental illness and need for treatment. School superintendent Roy Waters, was in attendance at the russian girl ass trial, but declined comment russian girls marriage regarding the sentencing of Santa Rosa students.The judgment did little to soothe Martinez who claimed that the attack ruined russian boy nudes pic his russian girl nudists life, causing not only permanent physical disfigurement but also long-term emotional damage. "I am no longer a man," Martinez tearfully stated to reporters after the trial making a statement that has escaped quotation in local newspapers. "That dickless fag tried to make me like him. He's destroyed my life!" Martinez russian naturism pictures said, displaying his electronic tracking device -- free russian fucked the ankle russian dog porn bracelet he had been sentenced to wear for the next two years -- to a sympathetic crowd of onlookers. There is no russian family nudists sites doubt that Martinez has extreme underground russian nude suffered terribly since his castration.The russian naked panties pics protesters cheered Martinez russian homemade sex videos on as he drove russian girls giving blowjobs away with his family. "We're not coming to condone any kind of violence. We're saying though that there must always be a balance and the criminal justice system can't overcharge some and not charge others," illegal russian nudes girls Rev. Juan Munoz explained. "Albert has been naked russian female escorts mutilated by this miscreant, his future as a man has been ended as he stood upon the threshold of russian bride manhood. lil russian tits Yet who bears the heavier sentence? The wounded Hispanic boy has been given russian napster of porn a life sentence. russian nude gymnast video His white homosexual attacker walks free. Where is the justice?"After all that has been said and russian nude babes done, the mere mention of "Pee Wee" Lewellyn's name continues russian nudist club to raise eyebrows, evoke chuckles russian group sex and make russian tgp hair men protectively cross their legs.
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